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Art Party

Art party

Private art party

In a reserved private space, art party with friends and acquaintances!

All the necessary art supplies and materials are provided, so you can easily enjoy a creative party empty-handed. The staff, called the party, will support you to create works that are full of your individuality, so even those who are not good at art can enjoy creating with peace of mind.

Various programs such as a session to create art works, as well as a party where you can enjoy appreciation with a glass of wine in hand.I suggest.

We create a variety of occasions such as birthday parties, girls' night out, gatherings with friends, and company events.

Art session ¥5,500~/Per person + charter fee ¥13,200~

Art Session


art session

Let's enjoy various painting parties and casual art appreciation parties with our parties (friends who join Art Wonder Vogel).

It's fun to create works full of originality using various materials and tools!


All sessions, such as monthly birthday celebration parties, can be attended by one person.

Art Party Tokyo sessions are an original approach that even those who are not familiar with art can definitely enjoy. Please feel free to join us even if you haven't drawn a picture for years.

You will definitely feel the joy of rediscovering and expressing your creativity.

Art session¥5,500~/person



art marche

We are planning an art marche where artists and creators sell their works.

Art Marche is a fun and valuable opportunity to feel closer to art and interact directly with artists and creators.

​ contributes to the revitalization of regional exchanges by providing a place that connects art and society.

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