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Sat, May 25



【Happy donuts art party!】お誕生日に、記念日に、甘くてしあわせ!カラフルドーナッツでお祝いしましょう! 4/27 (1)

Everyone loves donuts! Decorate a large donut with paint and various materials. Why not celebrate your anniversary by making your own donuts? After making big donuts, don't forget to bring some real tasty donuts too! Let's spend an unforgettable anniversary with colorful and adorable donuts.

【Happy donuts art party!】お誕生日に、記念日に、甘くてしあわせ!カラフルドーナッツでお祝いしましょう! 4/27 (1)
【Happy donuts art party!】お誕生日に、記念日に、甘くてしあわせ!カラフルドーナッツでお祝いしましょう! 4/27 (1)


May 25, 2024, 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

アートパーティトーキョー, 日本、〒106-0041 東京都港区麻布台1丁目9−12 飯倉台ビル 4F


【A happy donuts party!】

Everyone loves doughnuts!

We're hosting a happy  Donuts Party.

Let's enjoy decorating a large doughnut with paints and other materials.

After crafting Big Donuts, You don't forget to enjoy delicious doughnuts!

These big, original doughnuts will look fantastic in photos.

For your birthday celebration, anniversaries, to mark an achievement,

or simply for the joy of crafting a large doughnut!

Have an unforgettable anniversary with colorful and adorable doughnuts.

We'll provide all the necessary materials and aprons.

Come and enjoy a day of creativity and fun, free from worries or stress!

The event will take place at Art Party Tokyo (Iikuradai Lab).

(*Art Party Tokyo, which offers art sessions in Azabudai, a hilltop space for those who enjoy climbing the mountain of expressive activities, calls its staff "Party", meaning "friends" who will join you in the creative Wonder Vogel).

You can enjoy a fun art Wonder Vogel in a bright urban open space with plenty of natural light, despite its location near the Tokyo Tower. All the various materials and art supplies you need will be provided. Aprons are also available for rent, so you can come empty-handed and enjoy art as soon as you feel like it.


◎Date: Sat, May 25


◎Fee:6,050- (tax 550-) per 1 doughnut)+ administrative fee

*Milo Art Lab members are required to take members-only tickets. (No administrative fee)

◎Contents: Includes doughnut base, painting materials, materials, and doughnut.

◎What to bring: Nothing in particular. We will lend you an apron, but we recommend that you wear clothes that you don't mind getting your painting materials on.

◎Others: We will provide doughnuts for you to enjoy after your work.

◎Cancellation policy: In principle, no cancellation is allowed.

Reservations can be made until 20:00 the day before the event date. Please adjust your schedule accordingly.

*Rights can be transferred to siblings and friends.



Spring Session















◎時間:13:30-15:00 (open13:25~)


◎料金:¥6,050- (税550)/1作品(ドーナッツ1つ制作につき)+事務手数料











  • Donuts-art party

    1作品分のチケットです。ドーナッツ一つの制作につき1チケット購入ください。 *This ticket is for one production. Please purchase one ticket per doughnut production.

    Tax: +¥550 消費税+¥151 service fee
    Sale ended
  • 【ラボ会員チケット】Donuts party members

    1作品分のチケットです。ドーナッツ一つの制作につき1チケット購入ください。 *This ticket is for one production. Please purchase one ticket per doughnut production.

    Tax: +¥550 消費税
    Sale ended



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